Competition Rules




  1. It is REQUIRED that all teachers read the following rules and regulations provided. We ask that you inform all parents and students to abide by these rules and regulations before, during, and after the Empire Dance Challenge Competition and Convention.
  2. All Dancers who are entered into the competition MUST be registered for the Dance Intensive Convention, which will be held the day after competition. Those who are NOT registered will NOT be allowed to compete.
                We welcome ALL dancers who are not registered for the competition to join us in any one, or all of our classes offered during our Dance Intensive Convention. Please see fees that apply to the convention.
  3. Empire Dance Challenge is NOT responsible for any lost or stolen articles. We ask that any valuables be left at home.
  4. Empire Dance Challenge is  NOT responsible for any injury before, during, or after competition and convention. Waiver MUST be signed and returned with registration. Any studio who fails to include will not be registered until form is received.
  5. All studios MUST sign a release form for the use of any photos or media that is taken by Empire Dance Challenge.


  1. NO DANCER is allowed to compete against him or himself.
  2. Teachers are required to check in backstage 45 minutes prior to scheduled routine times.
  3. Students are required to check in backstage FIVE number prior to his/her scheduled performance.
  4. Only Students who are performing, and ONE TEACHER or STUDIO OWNER will be allowed backstage in the holding area.
  5. If a teacher or student breaks any rules or regulations, Empire Dance Challenge has the right to disqualify any dance, or dancer from the competition.
  6. Only teachers and students of the competing routine are allowed backstage during the performance.
  7. If any props are being used they will only be permitted backstage 5 numbers prior to the scheduled performance. No knives, swords, or fireworks allowed during competition. Empire Dance Challenge is NOT responsible for any props. Props are the sole responsibility of the studio. Trampolines are not permitted.
  8. All dancers should be ready and available to perform one hour prior to scheduled performance. The competition may run ahead of scheduled.
  9. Once registered, NO REFUNDS will be authorized unless event is cancelled.


  1. All music must be clearly labeled with studio name, song, and designated routine number. We ask that all music be uploaded on website. This will ensure accuracy and organization day of competition. No other devices will be provided.
  2. All music must be either mailed or uploaded to Empire Dance Challenge 30 Days prior to competition.


PRE MINI DIVISION (Average Age)      05-07  Years of Age

MINI DIVISION (Average Age)               08-10  Years of Age

JUNIOR DIVISION (Average Age)        11-13  Years of Age

TEEN DIVISION (Average Age)             14-15  Years of Age

SENIOR DIVISION (Average Age)        16-18  Years of Age

OPEN DIVISION (Average Age) 19+     Years of Age

All dancers must be the required age by January 1st of the New Year.


Please check with studio owners for competition fees.

All fees are based on individual dancer(s). Studios must fill out appropriate forms that are available on the website (please see registration tab located on top of the websites home page). All fees and forms are required in order to be entered into the Empire Dance Challenge Competition. Please make sure forms are entered on time to avoid any penalties and late fees. All registration forms must be submitted NO LATER than April 1, 2016. Any forms submitted after the deadline will incur a $15 late fee. No registration forms will be accepted after April 15, 2016.


Primarily a jazz routine that utilizes different jazz movements and all tempos of music.

Street dance styles primary performed to Hip Hop Music or street dance style that has evolved as part of the hip hop culture.                                                                                                                                               

Primarily ballet or pointe technique that includes classical steps and music.

Primarily tap technique (tap shoes required). Tap routines are required to contain tap movements. (Clogging is NOT permitted in this category).

A fusion of many different styles of jazz; with a strong emphasis on modern dance technique.

Is influenced by both jazz and ballet technique to slow fluent movement that displays a level of emotion.

Displays a strong presence of Broadway Dance and Musical Theater.

Routines are choreographed to music and with beauty of dance, tumbling, strength and agility of acrobatics.  *** Please note that any mats or instruments required for acro/gymnastics must be provided by the school.


  1. Studios can register online or by mail.
  2. If registering by mail, all checks must be made payable to: Empire Dance Challenge.
  3. NSF FEE of $35 will be assessed for any checks returned by maker
  4. No refunds will be give for convention, unless the event is cancelled.


Videotaping, photography, or any other type of recording is strictly prohibited during competition and convention. However, pictures and videotaping will be allowed during awards ceremony and after competition. Any one caught video taping during competition will automatically be disqualified and will be asked to leave the theater.