Convention Rules



  1. All Dancers who are entered into the competition MUST be registered for the Dance Intensive Convention, which will be held day after the competition. Those who are NOT REGISTERED will NOT BE ALLOWED to compete.
    We welcome ALL dancers who are not registered for the competition to join us in any one, or all of our classes offered during our Dance Intensive Convention. Please see fees that apply to the convention.
  2. Empire Dance Challenge is NOT responsible for any lost or stolen articles. We ask that any valuables be left at home.
  3. We ask all dancers and teachers to be on time for classes. If you are late for class, we kindly ask that you go to the back of the class. We ask that you respect fellow dancers and teachers.
  4. We ask that all cell phones or technological devices be turned off while classes are in session.
  5. Once registered, NO REFUNDS will be authorized unless the event is cancelled.
  6. No one will be permitted into the convention without a bracelet.
  7. Videotaping is NOT allowed.
  8. All teachers are required to have a Teacher Bracelet.


For every ten students registered, studio owners will receive a FREE bracelet (Teacher bracelets ONLY).

For further information and convention pricing please your individual studio director.

Teachers bringing 10 students = 1 FREE Bracelet(s)
Teachers bringing 20 students = 2 FREE Bracelet(s)
Teachers bringing 30 students = 3 FREE Bracelet(s)

PLEASE NOTE: In order for $8,000 in CASH SCHOLARSHIPS FOR 2-DAY WEEKEND CONVENTIONS to be awarded, a MINIMUM of 220 students MUST BE REGISTERED. If less than 220 students are registered than $4,000 in CASH SCHOLARSHIPS will be awarded!


  1. Studios can register online or by mail.
  2. If registering by mail, all checks must be made payable to: Empire Dance Challenge.
  3. No refunds will be given for convention, unless the event is cancelled.
  4. Anyone registering for convention onsite, only cash or credit card will be accepted.